High-Performance Searches and Information Management

If you run a search on 'hand', will the form 'hands' be also included in the returned set of matches? Do your current search facilities allow searching on sentence constructions with 'Nokia' as the subject? Would you benefit from being able to screen any common features out of a large body of text? Is the manual classification of documents causing headaches in your company? How about quickly identifying any documents similar to the one you are reading from the data flow? How does your organisation monitor faint signals? And how about monitoring the competition?

A Complete Range of Searches

For companies and private persons alike it is becoming increasingly important to come up with the right information at the right time and pass it on to the right people. Lingsoft solutions address the relevant needs from improvements on simple text searches all the way to demanding text mining. Our text products are used both on individual workstations and in text archives on a national scale. Our products are used as integrated modules by software developers, as customisable solutions by corporate and organisational customers, and by a number of language professionals.

Do Your Searches Understand Finnish?

Traditional search tools do not support inflections because words in English are hardly ever inflected. This is not the case in many other European languages where inflections are more abundant. Should you, for instance, run a search on the Finnish word for hand käsi, the relevant inflections (forms like kättä, käden) would not be returned. This is no problem at all when using Lingsoft tools.

Filtering and Classifying Information by Text Mining

Text mining is based on automatic solutions allowing searches for new information in massive amounts of free-text data.

Other Tools for Textual Information Management

Automatic language recognition (21 languages) – just a couple of words suffice.

Application examples include archival, search engines, data extraction.

Our clients include printed and online media (Helsingin Sanomat), application integrators, publishing system vendors, and suppliers of search engines and databases.