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High-quality spell-checking and hyphenation extensions for QuarkXPress 8 and QuarkCopyDesk 8, as well as for QuarkXPress 7 and QuarkCopyDesk 7.

Lingsoft Proofreader for QuarkXpress 8 on Windows

Lingsoft Proofreader for QuarkXpress 8 on Mac OS X

Lingsoft Proofreader for QuarkXpress 7 on Windows

Lingsoft Proofreader for QuarkXpress 7 on Mac OS X

User's Guide (Windows) | User's Guide (Mac OS X)

Lingsoft Proofreader extensions for QuarkXPress are based on Lingsoft's comprehensive models of the inflectional, derivational and compositional features of each according language, covering the core vocabulary including abbreviations, acronyms, proper names and numerals. Thousands of editors and millions of Microsoft Office users in Nordic countries have come to appreciate this robust technology. Quark extensions are available for Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian (Bokmål and Nynorsk), Danish and German.

Lingsoft's spell-checking and hyphenation are seamlessly and transparently integrated into the standard proofing tools user interface of QuarkXPress and QuarkCopyDesk, and require no additional efforts from the user after install and initial setup. You can fine-tune both hyphenation and spell checking by adding words and hyphenation rules to custom dictionaries as you would with the standard tools.

Lingsoft Proofreader is a must for all who care about linguistic quality and adequacy: newspapers, magazines, advertisement bureaus, public relation agencies, and all others preparing layouted text for press and print.

Lingsoft Proofreader includes a spell-checker offering correction suggestions, and a high-quality hyphenator. Each language version is based on an according Lingsoft-developed two-level morphology analyzer. The analyzer can handle inflectional forms as well as derivation and compounding of words.

In practice, Proofreader can recognize every word that is grammatical, as long as the word can be derived from Proofreader's large lexicons. The language-specific lexicons include a wide variety of current and traditional abbreviations and proper names, above and beyond the language's basic vocabulary. The specialty of Finnish Proofreader is an extra lexicon of ca. 8,000 technical and commercial words.

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