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What are e-books? Or m-books, for that matter? Would you benefit from language guides and glossaries related to your work? And would it be convenient to access these glossaries via computer and by phone? Are you interested in linguistic literature?

Dictionaries and Glossaries

Lingsoft One-Hour Words® – miniature dictionaries just for the occasions you really need them! Have a fun and easy access to information on football, sailing, music or food. City guides or corporate vocabularies are also available.
Special glossaries such as thesauri for all the Nordic languages and German.
Lexicons i.e. machine readable dictionaries.
Electronic dictionaries, dictionary platforms and related tools.

Lingsoft Language Library®

Lingsoft Language Library constitutes a series designed for language professionals and amateurs alike containing publications involving various aspects of language such as language guides of various fields, proofing tools based on reference manuals, text books, guides and glossaries. The series comes in many languages and the titles usually come out in electronic format as well.

EU-kielen käsikirja is a comprehensive language guide for EU translators and everyone involved in the writing of EU texts.

Application-Specific Proofing Tools for Publishing and Related Systems

Tools for a number of applications including proofreading, indexing, classification, searches and archiving

Our clientele includes Helsingin Sanomat, Alma Media, Grafimedia, Anygraaf and Saxotech along with libraries, publishing houses and private individuals.

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