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Writing and reading are such everyday issues that we sometimes fail to see how much they actually influence our lives. Now, how can you write as accurately as possible using appropriate terms? And how do you keep the company's linguistic brand coherent? How can one remember what's been said about the subject already so as to avoid any unnecessary reiteration? How come the familiar text processing tools don't work in a given DTP application?

More Than 20 Years of Assisting Writers

Lingsoft has been delivering high-quality proofing tools since 1989. With Microsoft Office these are used all over the Nordic countries and Germany. Lingsoft proofing tools are grouped into common-language, topic-specific and customised checkers:

Our common-language proofing tools are best known from being included in Microsoft Office for more than a decade, and are additionally available for various operating systems (as Windows, Mac OS X and Linux) and applications (for example Adobe InDesign and InCopy).

Examples of topic-specific tools are our add-ins for Microsoft Office in the governmental, technical and medical fields, also available as modules for software integration and software-as-a-service.

Customized proofing tools are a vehicle to deploy Lingsoft's Language Management concept for corporate brand language, and are regularly maintained in the scope of a service-level agreement.

Besides checking spelling and grammar, our proofing tools include hyphenation and thesauri for various languages.

Customised Style Checkers Serving Your Organisation

Specialised proofing tools are Lingsoft's unique and cost-saving solution for tasks involving the proofing of field-specific texts. Lingsoft Proofreader for Microsoft Style (Finnish) verifies Microsoft-style IT terminology in Finnish and renders the text up to Microsoft standard; Lingsoft Proofreader for EU Texts (Finnish) ensures that a given EU text uses the correct terminology and required style in Finnish.

Lingsoft Svefix identifies differences between the variants of Swedish as they are used in Finland and Sweden. Svefix was created in cooperation with the Research Institute for the Languages of Finland.

Corporate checkers are Lingsoft's solution to the management of the corporate linguistic brand and to the improvement of efficiency.

Based on Quality Glossaries

Multilingual and reusable content, such as easy-access glossaries, dictionaries and translation memories, provide the tools for reusing texts and text parts.

Our clients and partners include Microsoft, Adobe, Quark, suppliers of editorial systems for the publishing industry, as well as application integrators for various industries, including banking, insurance and medical.

There is a comprehensive set of demos of Lingsoft's language tools, including Two-level Morphology Analysis (TWOL) and Constraint Grammar (CG), which are the basis for the high-quality Lingsoft proofing tools.

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