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How about providing your customers with a better and more cost-effective service over the phone? Would it be desirable to have part of your customer service sorted out on a self-service basis and having only one number? Is there a need to retrieve information or use the services anytime and from anywhere when on the move – by talking on the phone? You might also have other uses for your hands while running software applications.

Voice Services for Easy Self-Service

Speech is our natural way of communicating with the environment. Speech technology is one of the most important fields of future technologies. The pioneers of these applications have been — and still are — mobile users. Now this technology is available to all. Our range of automatic speech service products allows users to access your services every day round the clock. Note that investments made in speech services pay for themselves very quickly. The opportunities are simply huge! Contact Lingsoft for more information on possibilities provided by the use of speech control.

Speech Recognition Works

Practical applications for automatic speech recognition (ASR) include computer speech control and various database queries (like asking for timetables, winning lines in a lottery or finding out about stock quotations), warehouse picking and customer contact centres providing self-service for company customers.

Lingsoft Products:
Lingsoft Speech Recognizer is a high-class speaker-independent speech recognition engine for defined vocabulary. Currently available a speech module for Finnish.
Lingsoft Speech Controller software allows the user to operate the computer through voice recognition. The application does not distinguish between persons but is rather based on predetermined vocabulary.
Lingsoft Speech Portal allows you to get stock quotations, ice reports and local traffic information, among others. Continuously updated, using this portal is cost-effective. Companies may also outsource their self-service contact centres to Lingsoft Speech Portal.

Turning Text into Spoken Language by Speech Synthesis

Speech synthesis refers to the conversion of text to speech (TTS). It is suitable for reading short snippets of text, various automatic telephone announcements and a number of self-service applications. Through our partners the range of languages includes all the major European languages.

Our clientele includes contact centres and suppliers of systems based on speech control.

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